WIP 15 – Jack Hunter SotW – Jack – Animation Test

Once we have the model completely retopologized, we run animation tests to make sure that the in-game model can hold up once the animations are applied. If the model has issues with its topology we can make the changes now before we go further with texturing, rigging, and in-game animation.

Hope to have some new things to share this week.

The Papalati Games Team

WIP 12 – Jack Hunter SotW – Still Tweaking and The Shadows have arrived!

Finally sat down today to continue reworking the design of Jack and although I think he needs another pass, he is getting closer than ever before. A real hero. I’ve also been tweaking Jarber Bean as well and I feel she needs a few more passes before she’s where I want her to be.

So, since Jack’s redesign is going so well, I decided to start working on designing The Shadows and here is where I am at so far…

That’s it for tonight.


Time for a Change… a Retrospective.

This past weekend was an eye opener for me… both personally and professionally.

I attended a game conference held at Eastern Kentucky University this past weekend called Vector. Now prior to going, I assumed it would be a much larger event than the one I found once I arrived. To summarize, there were talks, there was some networking, and some students shared some really great work, but alas that is not what this post is for.

Now, I went to the “event” for different reasons. Continue reading Time for a Change… a Retrospective.

WIP 11 – Jack Hunter SotW – Art Style ReDesign 2

Well, as you can see in the image above that I have gone back to the drawing board a little bit. I had been working on getting Jack to move and control within UE4, but the more and more I worked with him I hated something about his art style. This prompted me to go back and retool the art a bit. The more I retooled him I knew I needed to do some quick concept art for Ruso and Jarber Bean; so that I could make sure everyone played nice together aesthetically speaking. (I will have more on the character’s and their backstories at a later time.)

I’m also starting to rethink using Unreal for this project as I don’t see too many people doing 2D/2.5D games in Unreal much… mostly Unity. I’m also looking into a program called Spine to handle rigging as I’m really leaning towards doing a 2D game here based on the art. (And yes, I’m still toying with the color scheme.)

Let me know what you guys think!


WIP 10 – GLORY DAYS SoTW – Demo Level – Character Motion Test (VIDEO)

Unfortunately, I was not able to get a demo level done in 10 days while learning Unreal at the same time. However, on day 11 I was able to get this much accomplished.

Control of the character is being done with an Xbox One controller on PC in UE4.

Thanks for looking!

WIP 8 – GLORY DAYS SoTW – Demo Level – Character Concept Sculpting

Last update for 3/24…

Started sculpting the character out in Zbrush. So, many iterations I keep making on the fly. I need to just finish it and get it to game poly version. Yeah, there’s some weird shadow effect on the boots. Still debating on the final style whether I want to use flat colors like the concept or more 3D looking as above. Should be done with him tomorrow and animating by Saturday. Fingers crossed.

I’m going to bed.. see you in a few hours.