Another update. 

Polypainting almost done. Decided to remove the diaper and go with a loincloth/leather substitute based on the era the game takes place in. 

Toying with the idea that the type of metal the collar is, is determined by your crime. So, the worst the crime the stronger the metal. Don’t know how I like that or not. 

There will be a rope belt added for support later as part of the final game geometry. 

Time for sleep. 

Update to the Caucasian Prisoner Human Character for the Game. 

About three weeks ago I had decided that I needed to go ahead and redesign the caucasian character after finishing the asian and the african based prison characters. The latter two ethnicities looked much better than the original design of the caucasian character that he just looked odd now and out of place. 

So, I redid that character. 

Well, I recently went to retrieve the character update to share with the team and low and behold the file was corrupted/missing. So, I’ve had to go ahead and redo the redesign again and it actually has turned out pretty good after about 5-6 hours. Nothing like the first redesign, but never the less still pretty good. The hair needs a lot of work but that will probably be done with poly slices and I need to finish texture painting his body as well. 

The second image shows the comparison shot of the original design (left) versus the new one (right).