Redid the entire UV layout again and in the process of correcting a few things. A keen eye will spot the issues right away. Purpose was to give better UV real estate to more important objects.

For example the armor has a lot more detail fidelity.

Thats it for tonight as I had a very rough day.

This is going to be a very quick update cause I’m going to sleep. It was a very long day at the day-job.

The first image is just a quick sample run over in Quixel after doing sculpting/normal work in Zbrush. 

The second image is obviously the same object and material running in Unity5. 

That’s it. I’m gonna go pass out now. 

Night. Night.

Well… here’s where I’m at for the last 4 hours of work. I will call this the initial pass on the materials and details. Next step would be to go into Quixel and get some PBS action going on. 

I’m tired and going to sleep. 


Okay, so for tonight’s update I have some detail work I’ve been doing for the normal map inside Zbrush. The idea will be to export the normal map out of Zbrush and then do normal layering inside Quixel. Never done it this way before so it will be interesting to see the result from adding Quixel into the pipeline. 

That’s it for tonight. Been a long and trying day. 


TOP PICTURE – Okay, got a lot more work done on cleaning up more UVs. 

( Long story short… got into Quixel and found several issues with the UVs.)

SECOND PICTURE – Once i got all of those pesky UVs cleaned up, I created the ID Material Map for Quixel. This is the map that it uses to help identify which materials go to which UV coordinates. I did this very quickly and therefore I found out that breaking these down into groups will give more control over material work in Quixel. 

THIRD / FOURTH PICTURE – I quickly laid down some quick smart materials to get an idea of what the PBS shaders would do. Not bad, not bad at all. This picture is Quixel rendering with the PBR standard setting. 

FIFTH PICTURE – This is the same set, but this is a render using the Unreal Engine 4 preset render. 

KEEP IN MIND… I have done ZERO Zbrush sculpt work. That comes this weekend! 🙂 

That’s it folks, I’m tired and going to sleep.