WIP 10 – GLORY DAYS SoTW – Demo Level – Character Motion Test (VIDEO)

Unfortunately, I was not able to get a demo level done in 10 days while learning Unreal at the same time. However, on day 11 I was able to get this much accomplished.

Control of the character is being done with an Xbox One controller on PC in UE4.

Thanks for looking!

WIP 8 – GLORY DAYS SoTW – Demo Level – Character Concept Sculpting

Last update for 3/24…

Started sculpting the character out in Zbrush. So, many iterations I keep making on the fly. I need to just finish it and get it to game poly version. Yeah, there’s some weird shadow effect on the boots. Still debating on the final style whether I want to use flat colors like the concept or more 3D looking as above. Should be done with him tomorrow and animating by Saturday. Fingers crossed.

I’m going to bed.. see you in a few hours.



WIP 7 – GLORY DAYS SoTW – Demo Level – Character Concept Style

I finally got around to doing some style designing for the main character. As you can see having something look a certain style overall and then having so many different variations of it can be quite fun.

For now, I’m referring to this version of him as 1940’s Jack.

Now the hard part… picking one.  What do you guys think?


And yes, I know. You’ll probably see me jump around on Title Work a lot during my process. Everything has to look right together. Sometimes when you are designing and you pull back you see things that may have been right at one time are no longer right now. So you change them. 🙂

WIP 6 – GLORY DAYS SoTW – Demo Level – Progress Update

“Where are the updates?!” – the crowd chants…

Well, when you start a project from scratch, to show a demo of, in about a week and you don’t know the software more than importing in a character to see if it works… then this takes time. I just didn’t have an idea of just how much time.

When I started working in Unity3D in 2012 it was very easy for me to pickup. All navigation was based on Maya and Maya LT has a proper built-in exporter to Unity. Yeah, yeah. I hear the one’s screaming, but it does the same for Unreal. Uh, no. No, it doesn’t. I can send over an entire level ready to go from Maya to Unity without conversions and it just works. Unreal is a totally different beast. Don’t believe me, just ask which axis is up in Maya vs Unreal. Yeah. Sometimes that sucks when all of your objects are on their sides in the engine.

Okay, tangent got me… where was I? Oh right, where’s the update?

For the last two days, I’ve been having to take the time to learn the blueprint system in Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). It’s actually quite a genius system. If you’ve used Hutong’s Playmaker for Unity3D then you have a sense of what Blueprint can do, albeit a very tiny minuscule idea of what it can do compared to the former.

I have some systems that I’ve created during this learning phase that I will implement in some way in the level hoping to give some playability by Sunday.

On tomorrow’s schedule we have: UI, Intro to Animation and Skeletons, and probably by Friday/Saturday I’ll get back into the AI stuff now that I’m much stronger working with Blueprints.



WIP 5 – GLORY DAYS SoTW (Working Title) – Demo Level – Character Concepting

So, after the overload of AI stuff yesterday, I decided to take a break and work on some quick silhouettes for the main character of the game. These were created in a new program I’m trying… Krita. It’s free and is made by artist, or so it says.

(And yes, I’m using Glory Days SOTW as a working title.)