Universal Facial Rig Attempt

Another Day… Week… Month… wow, it’s been a little bit of time since I last posted an update. Still struggling with health issues, but it looks like I’m getting on the right track. Anyways… let’s get back to the topic of today’s image.

I’m attempting to build a universal facial rig to use across all characters in the game.


The image you see before you is an attempt to minimize bone usage but still get good results from facial animation in-game.

My opinion… not great, but not bad either.

Now that I got this done, its time to move back and finish the models.


It’s been awhile since I’ve had an update. I won’t go into specifics, but let’s just say I wasn’t feeling too well.

Anyway, on with today’s show and tell.

Today, I have an image of the skin shader testing I’ve been doing and a sample of a color map painted in Zbrush. I’ll be focusing once again on getting the characters ready as I’m satisfied with the current state of the prison guard armor which will be used randomly for the prisoners as they will have confiscated most of it from the guards or from random storage in the barracks of the prison.

That’s all for now.