The Pipeline

Finally have determined the asset development process I will be using going forward:

– Make starting shape in Maya (or Max)
– GoZ & Dynamesh the shape and details.
– Retopologize Hi Resolution Mesh to create Lo Resolution Mesh in Topogun.
– Decimate HP from Zbrush to create Cage if need be for xNormal.
– Unwrap. Use Headus UV Layout for heads, for all else use Maya to unwrap.
– Set Smoothing Groups. Create cages.
– Export LP, Cage, and Quixel ID Material Map from Maya
– Export HP from Zbrush
– Bake all maps in xNormal. NM, CV, AO, and Height Map.
– Import LP into Quixel, using ID Material Map and other maps.
– Generate Materials for each object and export from Quixel.
– Combine and reassemble maps as needed.
– Create any additional details to maps in Photoshop.
– Test in Unity or UE4.

Time to get busy 🙂