The Pipeline

Finally have determined the asset development process I will be using going forward:

– Make starting shape in Maya (or Max)
– GoZ & Dynamesh the shape and details.
– Retopologize Hi Resolution Mesh to create Lo Resolution Mesh in Topogun.
– Decimate HP from Zbrush to create Cage if need be for xNormal.
– Unwrap. Use Headus UV Layout for heads, for all else use Maya to unwrap.
– Set Smoothing Groups. Create cages.
– Export LP, Cage, and Quixel ID Material Map from Maya
– Export HP from Zbrush
– Bake all maps in xNormal. NM, CV, AO, and Height Map.
– Import LP into Quixel, using ID Material Map and other maps.
– Generate Materials for each object and export from Quixel.
– Combine and reassemble maps as needed.
– Create any additional details to maps in Photoshop.
– Test in Unity or UE4.

Time to get busy 🙂

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I'm just a small little character artist in this big world. I like making characters and places come to life; either through my concept art or character designs. I mostly use Sketchbook Pro for concept art and Zbrush, Maya, Substance, etc for everything else. If you happen to like what you see here, go ahead and subscribe and or email me and hire me for a project! Thanks!

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