WIP 11 – Jack Hunter SotW – Art Style ReDesign 2

Well, as you can see in the image above that I have gone back to the drawing board a little bit. I had been working on getting Jack to move and control within UE4, but the more and more I worked with him I hated something about his art style. This prompted me to go back and retool the art a bit. The more I retooled him I knew I needed to do some quick concept art for Ruso and Jarber Bean; so that I could make sure everyone played nice together aesthetically speaking. (I will have more on the character’s and their backstories at a later time.)

I’m also starting to rethink using Unreal for this project as I don’t see too many people doing 2D/2.5D games in Unreal much… mostly Unity. I’m also looking into a program called Spine to handle rigging as I’m really leaning towards doing a 2D game here based on the art. (And yes, I’m still toying with the color scheme.)

Let me know what you guys think!


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