Working with Jolly Crouton…

I’ve been recently working on some concept art comps for Jolly Crouton Media’s game Gran, Gramps, ‘n Beansie. Fun title, right? I think so, too. Anyway, I’ve done a few pieces for them as another audition and here are the three pieces.

It’s not quite the style that JCM is looking for. They want a more, oh I don’t know how to describe… let’s say more japanese, but not manga.

I always try to get started with fun characters in a more Pixar-ish style. I’m going to eventually do a conversion to their style and hope it is good enough to keep working.

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I'm just a small little character artist in this big world. I like making characters and places come to life; either through my concept art or character designs. I mostly use Sketchbook Pro for concept art and Zbrush, Maya, Substance, etc for everything else. If you happen to like what you see here, go ahead and subscribe and or email me and hire me for a project! Thanks!

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