Here is a series of screenshots showing the progress of creating the game-ready geometry. 

The original Zbrush model was around 35 million polys. I used Reconstruct Subdivisions to get the polycount lower while maintaining the integrity of the sculpt and polypaint work. For those of you wondering, I tried the decimation master but Zbrush kept crashing on me. Plus I haven’t UV’ed yet so I was losing my Polypaint when it didn’t crash on me… right away. 

I then exported the mesh with polypaint out of Zbrush as an obj at around 2mil polys and brought it into Topogun. I then began the short process of retopologizing the mesh to game-ready geometry. Once the base mesh was completed I then exported as an Obj and brought it into Maya LT and finished off creating the mouth bag and the eyelids. 

Next step will be to reimport into Topogun, adjust for asymmetry and then export again and go into UVLayout to complete the UV. Then I will reimport into Topogun to generate the maps. 

Fun. Fun. Fun. 🙂

Till next time.  

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