It’s not much, but I’ve been working on making sure the geometry is good enough for the animation. Adjusting and adding geometry where needed and optimizing for as little impact to the game as possible.  

I’ve also been trying different ways to generate maps. Tried Topogun which has its own problems and Zbrush’s MultiMap Exporter as well, but I am getting better results with it than Topogun. 

My workflow right now is a mess trying to figure out what’s best for me. 

Here’s what i have so far: 

1. Create the HiRes Mesh and Polypaint in Zbrush. 

2. Create the Low Poly either by zremesher or using topogun to retopologize and reimport into zbrush and use the subtool project. 

3. Then go into Headus UV Layout Tool to create the UV layout. 

4. Edit the UVs in Maya. 

5. Import the updated UVed model back into Zbrush and use the MultiMap Exporter. 

6. Then test animation. 

I know I know, not very fluid and kinda clunky, but I’m just getting back into the game and the recommended workflows are either crashing my system or they give me terrible artifacting in my normal maps. 

That’s it for tonight. Gotta get back to the day job tomorrow. Ugh, I feel like there’s just too much to do and not enough time. 


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